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Researching, Brainstorming, Outlining, and Writing Your Book | Melissa G Wilson, Five-Time Best-Selling Author, Book Coach, and Partner Publisher Melissa G Wilson

Three Truths About Creating a Great Book
and Selling Your First 1000 Copies

1. Writing a business book is not as easy as taking a course or watching a video. If it were, everyone would have written one.

2. You can’t write a best-selling book in a week or even a month. Yes, there are outliers who have done it, but it is rare.

3. Using guidance from best-selling authors who have "been there and done that" will help save you time, money and frustration.

It’s tough to write a book.

Authors struggle, sweat, swear, and shred stacks and stacks of paper, just trying to get that first chapter written. I know. I've been there — oh, about 17 books ago.

I can just about guarantee there are literally thousands of people who, for whatever reason, will try to write, publish and successfully launch their books this year. But, sadly, most won't succeed. Why? Because after years of talking with thousands of thought leaders who told me they were going to get their books out year after year, very few actually succeeded.

If you’re looking at beating the odds this year, this is where I would start, with this course. Following are just a few the unique things I offer you here:

✓ 26 years of insights writing, publishing and marketing my own books.

✓ The best strategies and tactics to getting your book written.

✓ All my insider tips from helping both Fortune 500 execs to Inc 500 execs author.

✓ Access to me by email for any questions you have for three months.

A few (a very few) will succeed wildly.

As I said, most will fail, not once, but again and again.

Perhaps you have already experienced one of these failures.

After all, the odds are over 97% that you have. Most of the writers who come to me have tried and failed. Some have an idea. Others have part of a manuscript. The one thing they have in common is they’re stuck. They don’t need, or want, more videos, more articles, more tips. They need a coach.

This book writing course takes you from ideas to the creation of a solid outline to writing your chapters to a finished manuscript. Throughout the entire process, I'll prepare you to think from a marketing standpoint long before you launch it. I call it baking the marketing into the writing process.

When you sign up for this course you will discover:

✓ What you MUST do before even thinking about writing a single word.

✓ EXACTLY how to get the COMPLETE structure and contents of your book on paper in a matter of minutes or hours instead of days or weeks.

✓ It’s not as tough as you think (and it’s probably different than you think, too!)

✓ The secret to CRUSHING “writer’s block” and banishing it forever!

✓ These are the same secrets I've used to not only write my own best-sellers, but to help many others do the same. I feel sure these book creation secrets, along with templates and our step-by-step process, will work for you!

I’ve authored 17 books, including my latest best-seller, “Networking is Dead: Creating Connections that Matter.” This book was a Wall Street Journal and Barnes and Noble bestseller. My book, “Networlding,” (Now the name of my company) was a best-seller for an entire year.

My clients at Networlding are as diverse as the President of Holland Cruise Lines, a National Basketball Association (NBA) executive, a seven-time Inc. 500 “Entrepreneur of the Year” award winner, and thought leaders from corporations of all sizes.

I’ve realized my life’s dream of working with the world’s top thought leaders and successfully helping them get their books written, published and marketed.

Here’s a sampling of what others have said about
my programs and coaching:

Melissa’s book creation program opened my eyes to the complex world of publishing and marketing my book. Melissa made the whole book writing process easy and effective. If you are interested in writing a book and want as many people as possible to buy your book, you have got to take this program!

–Dr. Bart Kerr, Owner, Physician, DC, CEO at National Rejuvenation Centers, Best Selling Author

“Melissa G Wilson’s program takes you on a whirlwind process. She provides professional insights, connecting thoughts, and clear concepts from her rich resources and expert experience. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my story with her and receiving valuable feedback that was useful, direct, and strategic!”

–Alexis Avalon, Ph.D., USF World Research Services Administrator at University of South Florida

“Several months ago as I was sharing an idea about some things I had written relative to my career and life journey, a good friend of mine told me that I should speak with Melissa as it in fact might be a great book.

In meeting with Melissa, it was clear from the onset that she was more than an author, but a great book coach. Fast forward and Melissa has helped me not only complete the book, but secure an agent and ultimately my first book publishing deal. Melissa and her team have pushed me further than I expected, navigating me into uncomfortable places at times, in an effort to bring forth what I believe is a very rich book.

Throughout the process, Melissa guided me with structure and invaluable insights as to how to think about connect with my target audience. Having gone through the process I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity to work with Melissa and look forward to again in the near future as my sense is another book will be coming.”

–James Rosseau (Trig), President, LegalShield Business Solutions at LegalShield

"Melissa is a power-pack of book coaching ideas, insight and authentic compassion. She has that rare talent to transform complex to simple, substantive concepts, words and phrases.

Clearly, she is a voracious reader with an intellectual capacity that crosses numerous genres, history, culture, law, business and locations in the world. Working with her feels natural and enriching beyond measure. She is a graceful wind on the ocean capable of pushing you toward your destination."

Robert Harris, Ph.D, Campus College Chair, School of Business and College of Information System & Technology

Melissa is an invaluable coach and subject matter expert for anyone who is looking to write, create, and publish a book, whether on their own or with a major house. The former is something that is quite daunting to most, and she is so giving in her knowledge and expertise in the technical aspects of writing and laying out a book, marketing, pricing, and distribution. I attended her two-day session on how to write a book or an ebook.

That two-day seminar she ran was the start of one of the most vibrant chapters in our lives. Her two-day seminar gave us the knowledge and confidence to know that we could take on a project as daunting as writing and marketing a book. And now we have two!

We thank Melissa for being giving of her time and talents and making such a difference in our lives.”

Laura Berger, PCC, Leadership Coach, Author

I attended Melissa's writer’s workshop and didn’t know what to expect but I was so motivated after I left the seminar to move forward with my dream of writing a book. The writer’s workshop helped me to get off the fence and start to put my dreams into a real action plan. The insight that Melissa provides the participants is priceless.

The exercises in the seminar give you the complete how-to for you to get your book written, published and launched. She also shares all the best resources she has vetted so you say lots of time.

I would highly recommend her learning experience for anyone thinking about writing a book.”

-Billy Dexter, Managing Partner, Heidrick & Struggles and co-author of the upcoming book, Making Your Net Work: The Art and Science of Career and Business Networlding

“Melissa has an inherent understanding of the art of giving. Her workshops for potential authors guide the participants with an inspiring combination of real world examples, practical advice, and heartfelt encouragement. If you value relationships where aspiration and accomplishment are the norm, then meeting Melissa should be on your immediate agenda."

–Bruce Hutchison, Customer Research and Insight Consultant, State Farm

“The worst thing that can be said about Melissa is that she cannot be cloned as a service provider since she’s a champion at teaching AND she continues to be accessible and giving way past normal expectations in follow-up activities. As a trainer myself, it’s easy to both see and be captured by Melissa’s passion and talent for helping people release their “inner writer”. She has that knack for motivating people to move ahead with what they learn and count on her to be their biggest cheerleader!

-Linda Bolliger, Founder and CEO, Boardroom Bound

“I have known Melissa for a number of years and more recently engaged her and her team to assist me in my efforts to write a book proposal, find an agent of quality, and find a great publisher for a book I have been considering writing for at least a couple years. We started the project last Fall, and with her assistance, I got out my book, “Second Stage Entrepreneurship” which will be published by Macmillan/Palgrave in early 2013. I am very pleased with the return on my investment.”

–Daniel Weinfurter, President, GrowthPlay (7 Times on the Inc. 500), Author, Second Stage Entrepreneurship

"Melissa wrote the book on social media marketing. And so she’s the one I contracted with to help me navigate the most current Web 2.0 ways to publish a book on demand, pull together a team of creatives and techies to create a social media platform for marketing the book (personal blog, LinkedIn, Twitter), and shape the outreach. Melissa is exceptionally creative and networked and is all about staying as current as possible in the rapidly mutating social networking world for the benefit of her clients. Melissa is also quite personable and I enjoyed working with her!”

Andrés T. Tapia, Senior Partner, Korn Ferry, Author, Inclusion Paradox

“Melissa was a pathfinder for us as we worked through the maze of getting our first book published. She was very positive in her attitude, prompt with responses and very open about options we could pursue. She provided direct service to us while educating us every step of the way.

Diane Stover-Hopkins, Author, Wake Up and Smell the Innovation, Principal Consultant, Healthcare, DuPont

“Melissa is a true professional and expert in the field of publishing! She delivers on what she says she will do in a timely manner and is always available to answer questions often providing insight and direction to achieve the best results”.

-Lisa Dietlin, President, Lisa M. Dietlin and Assoc.Founder, The Institute of Transformational Philanthropy

One-on-One Outlining Session -
Free When You Pay Up Front for the Full Course

Melissa G Wilson
Melissa G Wilson
Best Selling Author, Book Creation Expert

Hi, I'm your book publishing expert offering you the highest quality yet lowest cost implementation team to help you write, publish and successfully market your book. As a thought leader ready to turn your book into the "new business card," you don't just want a "good book." You want a GREAT book. My own books have been published by top publishers such as McGraw Hill and Jossey-Bass (a Wiley imprint). I help my clients secure agents and book deals and/or self publish eBooks, softback and hardback books.

Five of my books have been best sellers, one, a top-ten Amazon book for a year. Over the past 10 years it has brought in over $3 million. My recent book, "Networking is Dead" hit #1 on Barnes and Noble and #5 on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list.

I offer one-stop book research, ghostwriting, publishing and marketing using social media to:

♦ Build credibility
♦ Generate leads
♦ Stand out from competitors
♦ Grow your thought leadership

Publishing packages include;

1. Researching up to 50 books to establish the best positioning
2. Developing a unique and robust outline and winning title
3. Writing your proposal and/or your entire book
4. Connecting you to an agent
5. Creating a great cover and interior
6. Developing your media marketing strategy
7. Developing editorial calendars
8. Social media strategist, building successful social media presence and social channels
9. Managing your social media accounts and social media channels and media campaigns
10. Working with bloggers and creating influencer content
11. Setting up your books on Amazon and Kindle, etc.

Ready to write a series? Find out why this could be your best strategy.

Let me help you create a great book!

Clients have included a three-time, Inc. 500 CEO and more than 30 thought leaders from Fortune 500 companies as well as executives from mid-sized companies.

Melissa G Wilson

101 N Wacker, #614
Chicago, IL 60607